1220 Montgomery Street, West Lafayette, IN 47906


All dogs that spend the day with us will receive a bed or cot, walks (amount will vary based on check-in and check-out time), meals (if requested), comforting and relaxing music, and TLC.  We do not use specific rooms for daycares so availability of certain rooms upon request may be limited due to potential overnight reservations.  Room type does not affect the cost of daycare.  Daycare pets are held to the same standard regarding annual test and vaccines as overnight reservations.  Rates are determined by the number of activities requested while your pet is here for daycare.  See below for a list of our rates as well as the available activities…


– Daycare w/ 0 activities – $15.00

– Daycare w/ 1 activities – $17.00

– Daycare w/ 2 activities – $19.00

– Daycare w/ 3 activities – $21.00

– Daycare w/ 4 activities – $24.00

– Daycare w/ 5 activities – $27.00

Canine Activities

– Havaball (stuffed kong treat) (limited to 1x/day)

– Playtime (15 minutes each)

Feline Activities

– Catnip & Mouse (catnip soaked mouse toy) (limited to 1x/day)

– Playroom (30 minutes each)

– Playtime (15 minutes reach)