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Dog Boarding

Canine Boarding

All dogs that board overnight with us will receive a bed or cot, three outdoor walks, daily meals, comforting and relaxing music, and TLC. The boarding facility for our canine friends features 10 runs and 10 suites all ranging in features and size.  Dogs board in individual rooms ranging in size based on their needs or your personal preference. Your dog’s stay with us may be personalized by selecting additional services at check-in.  Room measurements and accommodation pricing details can be found below.

Run (3.5 ft. x 9 ft.) – $20.00; Additional Dog – $15.00
Holiday Rates – $30.00: Additional Dog – $22.50
Despite being our smallest option, our runs are still very roomy.  The run is a great choice for your dog if they are well-socialized as this room is set-up with a glass door for easy viewing of their surroundings.  They will be able to see a few of the other boarders from the comfort of their own room.
Basic Suite (6 ft. x 8 ft.) – $25.00; Additional Dog – $18.75
Holiday Rates – $37.50: Additional Dog – $28.00
The basic suites are our most popular option when it comes to boarding.  These rooms are isolated and help to eliminate noise from other rooms save for busier times.  Each of these rooms also has a window box for easy viewing of passersby.
Deluxe Suite (8 ft. x 8 ft.) – $30.00; Additional Dog – $22.50
Holiday Rates – $45.00: Additional Dog – $33.75
Our deluxe suites are set-up very much the same as the basic suites except for being a bit larger in size.  We recommend this room if you plan on boarding two or more larger dogs together in the same room.
Designer Suite (6 ft. x 8 ft.) – $35.00; Additional Dog – $26.25
Holiday Rates – $52.50: Additional Dog – $39.50
This particular room is our premiere option when it comes to boarding your pet.  It is fitted with a TV for your dog(s) to enjoy throughout the day as well as a bed frame with a child-sized mattress including bedding.
*If you are planning on boarding more than one dog in the same room, please be aware that if both dogs are over 30 lb.s then they will not be able to board in a run together due to the limited space.  Additional restrictions may apply depending on the size and weight of your pets as well when boarding in the same room.