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Puppy Kindergarten

PetMedSpa and Rehabilitation Center plays host to a few training courses.  Please note that our staff does not handle any of the pricing or scheduling for training classes.  Further information regarding these classes may be found by contacting Jill Evans @ (765)-743-3302.

Puppy Kindergarten
Early intervention is the key to success when it comes to proper pet training.  Socialization during a puppy’s “critical period” of 4-16 weeks is the earliest and most important investment you can make that will aid in establishing a long lasting and enjoyable friendship with your canine friend.  This will also allow your puppy to learn valuable communication skills while interacting with other dogs as well.  Classes are designed to expose puppies to situations that they may encounter in the future which may cause them to become aggressive or fearful.  Success in these classes will allow your puppy to grow into a confident and friendly adult canine companion.  You will learn the basics of puppy behavior and etiquette including but not limited to crate training, house training, leash manners, safe play with children, bite inhibition, food bowl safety, “drop it, leave it, sit, down, and come” commands, and much more.  They will learn to be outgoing and friendly with strangers and will learn to not be afraid when confronted with new objects, people, or situations.  Classes are held consecutively over a 6 week period.