Pet Products

As we strive to remain at the top of veterinary medicine advancements, it is important to us that we provide to our pet owners the most trusted and proven products available. Our hospital follows guidelines and recommendations provided by a variety of councils such as Companion Animal Parasite Council, Heartworm Society of America, Veterinary Oral Health Council, Pet Nutrition Alliance, and National Animal Supplement Council. It are those guidelines and recommendations that help us choose the products we carry in our hospital, such as:

  • Royal Canin Prescription Diet Pet Foods and Treats (Hills and Purina available on request)
  • Dental Care Products
  • Parasite Preventatives
  • Nutritional Supplements

For your convenience, we now have an online pharmacy where a wide variety of pet products can be easily purchased and conveniently be shipped to your home! To see the products we carry online, visit