Pet House Calls

House calls may be arranged for a minimal fee to accommodate clients already established with our clinic and their pets.

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Pet House Calls

House calls are especially helpful for clients who may be homebound or for animals who are more comfortable in a home environment, even for routine veterinarian visits. Many clients also elect to have peaceful euthanasia of their pets performed in the comfort of their homes.

We at Pets and Vets as Partners know that your animal family members should have the best care possible. For this reason, we provide a special kind of pet care right here in West Lafayette, IN. Our main goal is to provide your cherished pets with house calls, prioritizing their comfort and welfare. We are your partner in the well-being and health of your pet, not just a veterinary office.

Pets and Vets as Partners is a proud provider of excellent veterinary care that comes right to your door in the West Lafayette community. Our dedication lies in ensuring your pets get the finest care while you experience the utmost ease. Our program is designed to specifically address the needs of West Lafayette pet owners who require the highest quality of care for their four-legged companions.